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4 Boys In Europe Become The Biggest Losers Of All Time, Hated By Anyone With A Brain And Heart

Via the Daily Mirror “A heartwarming video shows the moment four boys at a sports day race cross the line in unison – so they could all share the title. Sam Bell, James Hodson, Dylan […]

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No More World Cup… Have No Fear LAX IS HERE!

Are you already having withdrawal from world competition now that the World Cup is over? (France won… blah blah blah) However, world competition is far from over…

I give to you… The FIL World Lacrosse Championships in Netanya, Israel from July 12-21. Like the World Cup, the FIL Championships are every four years.  This year’s championships have 46 countries competing, with the best lacrosse players in the world!

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Chh-ch-Ch-cH …ah-ah-ah-ah

Hello again ladies and gents, and Happy Friday the 13th! Today is about as close as I can get to Halloween until the day actually comes! As I said in my Blu-ray Tuesday post (which you definitely should check out if you haven’t), I love the horror genre and normally I’d spend today watching as much of the Friday the 13th Franchise as I could. However I want to talk about a more than likely unpopular opinion that I have – The 2009 remake is the best installment in the franchise.