Author: Vinny Vacay

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Save Money, Win Super Bowls

As we are approaching one of the best Sundays of the NFL season, I wanted to give you a little insight of what to expect for this year’s playoff picture and potential Super Bowl LIII […]

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So the other night while scrolling through my overpriced cable package looking for something to help me flatten some cushions. I saw BIG3 was playing on Fox Sports. GOT THE SUMMER ON LOCK, BIG3 ON FOX! I tuned in and immediately regretted my decision. I watched stars from my childhood look like their powers were taken by the Monstars and forced to play for comedic value.

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“Can I add you to my buddy list?”

Hello friends, my name is Vincent Vacation but my close friends call me Vinny Vacay for short. I mean maybe three people call me that and when I say “friends”, I mean people I want to put through a wall, just like when you are trying to get a beer at an eagles game and the dude in front of you turns around and throws up his crab fries on your chest.