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Cowboys Yankees Notre Dame Yup... I’m that guy
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Money, Money, Money, Mooney… MONEY!

A new report is out on the most valuable sports franchises in the world, and guess who’s NUMBAH ONE: Drum roll please… AMERICA’S (THE WORLD’S) TEAM… MY DALLAS COWBOYS!! According to Forbes the Dallas Cowboys […]

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No More World Cup… Have No Fear LAX IS HERE!

Are you already having withdrawal from world competition now that the World Cup is over? (France won… blah blah blah) However, world competition is far from over…

I give to you… The FIL World Lacrosse Championships in Netanya, Israel from July 12-21. Like the World Cup, the FIL Championships are every four years.  This year’s championships have 46 countries competing, with the best lacrosse players in the world!

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For the last month us Americans have been “all in” on the World Cup.  As all in as we could be without (the true) Red White & Blue in the tournament.  Screaming for “PK’s”, yelling CORNER KICK, and acting like we know what the hell offsides is.  After all that we are now two days away from the final.  Two days away from the matchup we all… wanted, yeah.  Two days away from choosing a country to root for that most (if not all) of us could never find on a map.  Here’s some help: