Walsh’S Winners NFL Week 7

Another week, another edition of Walsh’s Winners!! Last week we went 10-5 in our straight picks as we continue to do well on those. I gave out a lot of Walsh’s Winners last week and we ended up going 3-4 so not great.

But this week as always we will be better and I’ve got winners coming your way so don’t fear. No YouTube video this week, I recorded it and it got messed up but we’ll be back next week don’t worry.

Thursday Night Football:

Jacksonville Jaguars(4-2) vs New Orleans Saints(3-3)-Walsh’s Winner: Jaguars

Sunday 1:00pm Games:

Detroit Lions(5-1) vs Baltimore Ravens(4-2)-Walsh’s Winner: Ravens

Cleveland Browns(3-2) vs Indianapolis Colts(3-3)Walsh’s Winner:Browns

Buffalo Bills(4-2) vs New England Patriots(1-5)Walsh’s Winner:Bills

Washington Commanders(3-3) vs New York Giants(1-5)-Walsh’s Winner: Giants

Las Vegas Raiders(3-3) vs Chicago Bears(1-5)Walsh’s Winner:Raiders

Atlanta Falcons(3-3) vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers(3-2)Walsh’s Winner: Falcons

Sunday 4:00pm Games:

Pittsburgh Steelers(3-2) vs Los Angeles Rams(3-3)-Walsh’s Winner: Steelers

Arizona Cardinals(1-5) vs Seattle Seahawks(3-2)Walsh’s Winner: Seahawks

Green Bay Packers(2-3) vs Denver Broncos(1-5)-Walsh’s Winner: Broncos

Los Angeles Chargers(2-3) vs Kansas City Chiefs(5-1)Walsh’s Winner: Chiefs

Sunday Night Football:

Miami Dolphins(5-1) vs Philadelphia Eagles(5-1)Walsh’s Winner: Eagles

Monday Night Football:

San Fransisco 49ers(5-1) vs Minnesota Vikings(2-4)-Walsh’s Winner: 49ers

Walsh’s Winners(Locks of the weekend):

Jaguars ML

Lions/Ravens over 42.5

Cardinals +7.5

Broncos ML

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