Walsh’s Winners NFL Week 4 Picks

Ohhhh baby what a week we had last week and you can get the full recap here. Now, lets keep that momentum going into week 4!

Lot’s of tough games to choose from this week but don’t worry i’ve been in the lab since Monday night cooking up this weeks picks.

Hope you guys have been enjoying these every week but bad news no Youtube video this week again. I know I’m sorry but I’ve been fully covering the Flyers and have just not had as much time to record the video. But, I promise next week it will be back. And I’ll post some TikToks with my picks so make sure you’re following me on there. In the meantime to prepare for next week make sure you subscribe to the channel and give the video a like to help me out. Spread the word of Walsh’s Winners!!!

Below are all my picks for this weekend as of now. I say as of now because like I did last week I tend to add some picks every now and then so make sure you are following me on all socials.

Thursday Night Football:

Detroit Lions(2-1) vs Green Bay Packers(2-1)Walsh’s Winner:Lions

London Game:

Atlanta Falcons(2-1) vs Jacksonville Jaguars(1-2)Walsh’s Winner: Jaguars

1:00pm Games:

Washington Commanders(2-1) vs Philadelphia Eagles(3-0)Walsh’s Winner: Eagles

Miami Dolphins(3-0) vs Buffalo Bills(2-1)-Walsh’s Winner:Bills

Denver Broncos(0-3) vs Chicago Bears(0-3)Walsh’s Winner:Broncos

Baltimore Ravens(2-1) vs Cleveland Browns(2-1)Walsh’s Winner:Ravens

Pittsburgh Steelers(2-1) vs Houston Texans(1-2)-Walsh’s Winner:Steelers

Minnesota Vikings(0-3) vs Carolina Panthers(0-3)-Walsh’s Winner:Vikings

Los Angeles Rams(1-2) vs Indianapolis Colts(2-1)-Walsh’s Winner:Colts

Tampa Bay Buccaneers(2-1) vs New Orleans Saints(2-1)Walsh’s Winner:Saints

Cincinnati Bengals(1-2) vs Tennessee Titans(1-2)Walsh’s Winner:Bengals

4:00pm Games:

Las Vegas Raiders(1-2) vs Los Angeles Chargers(1-2)-Walsh’s Winner:Chargers

New England Patriots(1-2) vs Dallas Cowboys(2-1)Walsh’s Winner:Cowboys

Arizona Cardinals(1-2) vs San Fransisco 49ers(3-0)Walsh’s Winner:49ers

Sunday Night Football:

Kansas City Chiefs(2-1) vs New York Jets(1-2)-Walsh’s Winner:Chiefs

Monday Night Football:

Seattle Seahawks(2-1) vs New York Giants(1-2)-Walsh’s Winner:Giants

Walsh’s Winners(Locks of the weekend):

Jaguars -3

Vikings/Panthers Over 46.5

Broncos/Bears Under 46

Cardinals/49ers Under 44.5

Let’s have ourselves another great week and keep staying in the green!!!

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