Walsh’s Winners Week 3 Recap

What a freaking week of Walsh’s Winners!!! 12 wins and only four losses on our straight picks!

Couldn’t have asked for a much better week in the straight picks. Plus are losses were all BS anyway. The Jags and the Cowboys lost to two embarrassing franchises, The Ravens lost because Tucker didn’t make a long field goal that he usually never misses, and the Raiders lost because their coach doesn’t know how to coach.

Tough to complain about those type of losses but the important thing is we stayed well into the green this weekend.

Now for my locks of the weekend, and again this is why you should be following me on all social media…

We gave out the under for the Thursday night football game and we also gave out the Eagles -5

I told you I like to add things here and there and this is why you need to be following me!!! Adding those two into the picks I gave out on the blog and we had a record of 4-1 for my locks of the weekend!!

Are you kidding me?!?!?!? Come on now people I told you we were gonna bounce back after last week and I delivered!!!


Straight Picks:(32-16)

Walsh’s Winners:(8-4)

Week four winners will be out on Thursday as per usual and there will be a Youtube video this week so don’t worry.

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