Between Scooter Guy And Dog, Danelo Cavalcante Is Toast

We’re on day 14 of the manhunt for Danelo Cavalcante. We’ve got bad storms in the area and possible flash floods not making finding him any easier.

But the good news is we have this guy on the case…

If this doesn’t scream PA I don’t know what does. Cavalcante is going to be seeing this guy in his nightmares in the near future. Imagine what the high speed chase is going to look like with this powder blue scooter racing behind Cavalcante. It may replace OJ and the white bronco video for best chase of all time.

If scooter guy isn’t able to take down this guy alone, no chance he’s going to be on the run much longer with the Big Dog coming to town.

This is basically when Nick Fury pages Captain Marvel at the end of Endgame. When the local law enforcement can’t get the job done you call the one man who can hunt down anyone. Dog The Bounty Hunter.

Not sure why we didn’t just do this from the start, guy would’ve maybe lasted a day on the run before Dog got him.

So count your days Mr. Cavalcante, Dog The Bounty Hunter and Blue Scooter Man are coming for your ass. He’s just really lucky that Beth isn’t around(RIP) cause then he’d really be in trouble.

Im writing this blog on Tuesday night so if he’s caught by the time this gets published then good. If not, I’m telling you now it won’t be much longer with these guys on the case.

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