Patrick Mahomes Hates Aaron Rodgers

I mean wow, just when you thought Mahomes was a good guy he goes and does something like this. SMH hating Aaron Rodgers and tweeting this out right after he tore his Achilles?!?!?

Look I get it, if you hate someone you hate someone we all do. But at least don’t tweet it out right after they just suffered what could be a career ending injury. Not a good look Patrick.

In all seriousness at least Mahomes realized he forgot the comma and made the change pretty quickly. Most guys probable would’ve just kept it.

Hopefully Rodgers does come back for another year because it would suck if that was the last time we saw him on an NFL field.

Plus now we need Rodgers vs Mahomes one more time to see just how much Mahomes hates Rodgers.

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