Mike Babcock Is A Weirdo

This guy just can’t stay out of the news, after getting canned in Toronto Mike Babcock is entering his first season as head coach of the Columbus Blue Jackets.

Well he is already pissing off his current players. Here’s the link to the full clip because wordpress is being dumb and not letting me embed the tweet into this blog.


Apparently he is asking players to show him the photos in their phones. Like what? People phones are their private and personal information, unless a player is using it during team meetings or during practice then the coach shouldn’t give a shit about it.

His reasoning being because he wants to know what kind of players he has on his team is bullshit. Pictures don’t determine what kind of player you have on your team. So what if they have some nudes, or pictures of them out partying. It’s on their own private devices and most athletes are smart enough to not post stuff that they know is going to land them in hot water.

It’s almost like this guy wants to have some sort of blackmail on all of his players to hold over them. We’ve heard plenty of stories before about Babcock and I was surprised he actually got a new gig. But then I remembered this is the NHL and they tend to not care about coaches/players past.

Thankfully the NHLPA is already looking into this.

This story is still developing and it’ll be interesting to see how this plays out with training camp starting in about a week. Could Babcock get fired before he even gets behind the bench?

What’re your thoughts on this situation?

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