Ranking What Sophie Turner Could’ve Been Caught Doing On The Ring Cam

Alright, I’m not a huge pop culture guy but a blog is a blog and I’m out here grinding. So the big celeb gossip right now is Joe Jonas of the Jonas Brothers has filed for divorce from his wife Sophie Turner the actress from Game of Thrones and a bunch of other stuff.

You’re out of your mind if you think I am doing a bunch of research when it comes to their situation because I genuinely do not care about either of these people. That being said, I saw that the final straw for Joe was something he saw on the couples ring camera and that got me thinking.

What on earth could this chick have done/said on this ring camera that would have pushed him over the edge. So I made a list of things that could’ve been the final straw for Joe Jonas.

  1. Admitting She was the Person responsible for the Diarrhea on the Plane

I mean would you blame Joe if he heard that she was responsible for this? I know I wouldn’t. I’d have my bags packed and the divorce papers filed in record time, theres no coming back from this.

2. Picking her nose and eating it

Imagine getting the ring notification and seeing this? Joe Jonas seems like a clean guy and feel like he would be so grossed out that it would push him to his breaking point and he’d call his lawyer to file for divorce.

3. Saying She liked Kevin or Nick Better

I don’t even follow the Jonas Brothers like that but even I know they broke up before and it was because they essentially all started hating each other. You can’t tell me if Joe caught Sophie saying something like “Wow, Kevin has such better hair.” or “Nick really has a better voice then Joe.” That Joe wouldn’t be pissed and end things.

4. Kissing Another Dude


Finally, this seems like it would be the most logical/boring answer to what she was caught doing. Not as fun but I would guess if Joe Jonas saw this he’d probably be pissed off and want to put an end to things especially if they were already on the rocks.

Anyway, thats my pop culture update for the day. Feel free to chime in on what you think Sophie Turner was doing on the Ring Camera that caused her husband to file for divorce.

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