Is This Escaped Convict A Super Villain?

So if you’re in the tri-state area you have probably heard about the convict who escaped from prison in Delco/Chester County wherever the hell it is. Typical Delco can’t keep things under control SMH, never liked that place.

Anyway, they still haven’t gotten this guy who has murdered not only here in the US but also in Brazil. Pretty dangerous guy to be out wandering the streets/woods.

But let’s take a look at how exactly he was even able to escape prison..

This mofo scaled the wall like god damn spider-man. I mean it’s honestly impressive. So he scales the wall, gets on the roof then climbs over the barbed wire fence and they didn’t see any of this happening and didn’t notice he was missing until an hour after he was gone?

Sounds sketchy to me and wouldn’t put it past some Delco trash to be apart of this as an inside job. Also, the shirtless guy in the video has to be the lookout right? No chance he just happens to be standing there trying to look all nonchalant. Probably should be questioning that guy a little bit but then again he’s already in prison so what’s it matter.

Wonder if this guy watched prison break and used that as his motivation. Great show by the way in case you haven’t checked that out yet do yourself a favor and go watch it.

Here’s one of the best updates from what I saw about the situation and where it stands as I wrote this.

Also, it would be very much my luck for him to be caught before I actually publish this blog. So if that’s the case and you’re reading this after he has already been captured well then whatever.


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