Should this San Fransico 49ers fan be thrown in Jail?

Pretty aggressive headline there Joe, what would make you think some fella watching a preseason football game should be tossed in jail? Oh was this guy one of the scumbag 49ers fans getting into a fight during the game after months of crying about how awful Philadelphia Eagles fans are?

Nope, not that. Even though it is pretty interesting that the entire bay area cried like little baby back bitches nonstop after the NFC Championship game. Even radio hosts, ‘Philadelphia is a bunch of thugs and scumbags.’ Waaaaaahhhhh waaaaaaahhhhhh

And now all of a sudden it’s gotten really quiet again. Interesting. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence though.

But to answer the original question as to why this 49ers fan should be thrown into jail. (IMHO of course.) Is because of this video below where the fan in question purchases a ‘mystery’ bag at a 49ers preseason game. And what happens to be inside? A SIGNED Jerry Rice jersey, so the fan does what anyone would do, he freaks out and loses his mind because he just randomly pulled the greatest wide receiver’s signed merch, right?

Well………not exactly.

HE DOESN’T KNOW WHO JERRY RICE IS?!??!? What the actual shit are we talking about here? Even his girlfriend or wife or possibly coworker was like ‘holy shit, is that Jerry Rice?!!??!’ And this guy is just lost with this shit eating grin stuck to his face.

He even says ‘I don’t know who the fuck Jerry Rice is.’ How did you end up at this stadium sir? This is where football is played. That is a game where guys try to score touchdowns and throw a ball around made of pigskin. Pigs are animals that live on a farm that can be turned into bacon. Bacon starts with the letter ‘B’. Does that breakdown far enough for you?

I know the whole, should a grown man wear a jersey, debate is hot in the streets right now. (By the way, not to get into that but no, grown men should not wear jerseys.) But whatever side of the fence you stand on, you know who Jerry Rice is, everyone does.

You think basketball, you think Michael Jordan. You think hockey, you think Wayne Gretzky. You think football, you think Jerry Rice.

God I hate San Fran fans so much that this video brought me an unreasonable amount of joy knowing I’d have the ability to shit all over them. You fake good for nothing cry baby scumbag dumbass know nothing loser fans. Can’t wait for Brock Purdy to ruin your year again.

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