Breaking News: Lil Tay Still Alive

I mean what the hell is going on here Lil Tay? You’re alive again?

Listen, if her and her brother are actually still alive, that is good news. Hot take I know. But it has to be said and I’m sorry to be the one to say it. If this whole thing is just some publicity stunt to drum up interest for like an album or something. Lil Tay is not going to be happy to see how the internet reacts. First off, Lil Tay’s music stinks. I think dead or alive that’s fair to say without getting cancelled right? Music blows. Not a single one of you have a Lil Tay song on your ipod or burnt CDs.

Judging by this post, I think we’re dealing with a PR move for clout.

Why would her parents claim she died? What is the end game here? You’re not going to get an insurance company to pay you out on some life insurance because of an Instagram post. They need to see bodies not reels. So what is the point?

This all feels like a build up to some shitty announcement of a new project. Probably more shitty videos or like a Lil Tay cryto coin. Tay Tokens or something insane like that. Hope everyone is a live and all, just stop making dumb music.

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