Barstool Radio Returning To SirusXM?

If you haven’t heard by now Dave Portnoy has bought back Barstool Sports. By bought back I mean Penn basically gave it back to him for free since they wanted to get a deal with ESPN…*Cough LOSERS Cough*

Yesterday was the first full day since Dave became head honcho again and he wasted no time getting back into things.

Already back to roasting the employees for not being in the office, calling out Smitty for only writing 7 blogs the entire month of July. It really was starting to feel like the old Barstool once again. We even had the return of Barstool Radio.

With the return of Barstool Radio yesterday on the Youtube, I think it got all of us Stoolies wondering if we’d ever hear it back on SirusXM Radio.


Seems like Dave is already trying to make moves to bring it back. Will we see Barstool back on SirusXM in the near future? It appears there is a real possibility.


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