How Can You Not Be Emotional About Baseball? Wes Wilson Hits HomeRun In First At Bat

This was absolutely incredible, 28 year old Wes Wilson made his Major League debut tonight and in his first career at bat he hit a homerun.

Everything about this was just awesome. The broadcast was showing his family and then boom, he rips one out of the park.

I mean moments like this you cant script any better. This guy has gone through the minors for his entire career and now gets his chance to have a moment and he delivered.

Best part about all of this was seeing the emotion from his dad after the homerun. Not gonna lie it tugs at your heart strings so if your allergies start acting up we get it.

Just pure emotion from dad right here and this will be a moment Wes and his family will cherish for the rest of their lives. Truly love to see this kind of stuff.


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