Henry Ruggs Gets 3-10 Years In Prison

I dk if this is gonna sound bad but I almost forgot that this happened. Former NFL and Alabama Wide Receiver Henry Ruggs was sentenced to 3-10 years in prison today.

He pleaded guilty to driving under the influence and killing a women and her dog back in 2021. At the time of the crash Ruggs was going 156 MPH.

Ruggs, who is still only 24 years old will spend the next possible decade in prison. Crazy that professional athletes get themselves into these type of situations when they have all the money in the world to not get behind the wheel drunk. In today’s world there is no excuse and thankfully for this women’s family they get some justice and closure.

Now, if I was a gambling man(Spoiler I am) I would bet a lot of money that Ruggs get’s out of prison early. Also, if you don’t think an NFL GM is going to try and sign him after he does inevitably get out of prison you clearly do not watch the NFL.

Let’s say he does serve his full time and in 10 years when he’s 34 get’s out and gets reinstated to the NFL. Which team goes after him first? If I had three guesses for the teams that will try and bring him on it would be these three teams.

The Kansas City Chiefs, Im convinced Mahomes is going to play forever and could totally see them trying to bring in a guy that had true number 1 WR potential when he was in the league.

The Dallas Cowboys, Jerry Jones is never going to die and Henry Ruggs redemption project seems exactly like something he would go for.

Finally, the third team I could see trying to sign Ruggs after his prison stint is the Baltimore Ravens. Quite simply because in ten years they will still be trying to get Lamar Jackson help at wide receiver.

While obviously this is a tragedy at least Ruggs was man enough to own up to his mistake and will now have to serve the time for his crime. He’s a young kid who made a fatal mistake and if the time comes after he serves his time he has a chance to get back into the NFL then lucky for him.

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