Dana White Hated Last Night’s Ice Bath Challenge

Last nights episode of the Ultimate Fighter had one of the best fights we’ve seen on the show. But, Dana White was more concerned about what the hell the production team was doing.

The team coaches, Conor McGregor and Michael Chandler were put in ice baths for nearly 30 minutes and had to answer trivia questions.

As someone who watched this live, I can say it was a very strange setting to have these guys answering questions. Dana was spot on when he said it was a clusterfuck by the production team.

Nobody should be in an ice bath for that long I mean it was absolutely insane. Would love to know what guy brought this up at the production meeting and thought he had the greatest idea ever.

As punishment, the entire production team should have to sit in the same ice bath for the same amount of time. Dana White said it won’t happen again and he was clearly very heated about how the whole thing went down.

Here’s the coaches challenge if you missed it…

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