Alex Ovechkin Scores A Flithy Between The Legs Goal

This man is simply not human. Earlier today there was a farewell game for the KHL’s Danis Zaripov. The game featured some current and former NHL players including Ovie, Ilya Kovalchuk, Alex Semin, and Evgeni Kuznetzov.

It was all for fun but man this goal that Ovie scored is just ridiculous. No matter how old this man gets he continues to score unreal goals. He is already in midseason form and training camp hasn’t even started yet.

He needs 73 goals to pass the great one Wayne Gretzky for the all time lead in goals scored. He already has nine, 50 goal seasons and at 37 years old he is easily going to pass Gretzky it is just a matter of when not if.

If he stays healthy he will score 50 this year at least I think, then next year probably by like mid January/early February is when he will break the record.

We are witnessing history every time this guy steps on the ice and even as a Flyers fan it is impossible to hate this guy even when he scores like 2 goals a game against us.

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