Does Anyone Actually Care About This Jake Paul Vs Nate Diaz Fight?

I’ll be completely honest before I saw this tweet I totally forgot this fight was happening this soon. I was thinking it was happening in like October or something boy was I off.

Maybe I am turning into a casual so correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t it feel like there is zero hype to this fight?

Am I crazy like this is legit the first thing I am seeing about this fight in what feels like months.

Here’s the documentary that DAZN posted about the fight so if you want to get hyped for it give that a watch.

Personally, as with any of one of the Paul brother fights all I am hoping for is that Jake gets his head knocked off by Nate Diaz. I’m hoping this isn’t one of those where Nate comes in looking like he doesn’t give a shit and just wanted to get paid and Jake dominates him.

Regardless, are the Paul brothers losing their hype or am I just becoming old and a casual fan? Someone let me know.

I won’t be watching most likely due to not being home this Saturday but I’ll be keeping up with it on Twitter/X.

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