There’s A New Generation Of Spy Kids Coming Out

I don’t like to complain or be the old man yelling at clouds guy ever but this is something I just can’t sit by and not voice my displeasure about.

First off, these two kids look way too damn young to be anywhere close to spies. At least Juni and Carmen looked old enough to make it seem a little realistic.

Secondly, Jane the Virgin is the mom?!? You’re gonna try and tell me she can be a bad ass spy mom? I’m not buying that for a second and you cant sell me on her, nice try Netflix.

Third, really? Shazam actor Zach Levi as the dad spy? You’re telling me the guy who couldn’t keep Alvin and the Chimpmunks in line is out there being a spy? NO CHANCE.

Look i’m sure there is an audience for this show but I’ll tell ya right now it is not going to be me. I stand with the OG Spy Kids and nobody else. Plus based on this trailer I didn’t see one Thumb Thumbs!!

How are you going to bring back Spy Kids and not bring back the Thumb Thumbs?!?!? WTF are we even doing?

The only way I am even giving this show a minute of my time is if Danny Trejo, Antonio Banderas, and the Thumb Thumbs come back. Other than that this movie is getting two thumbs down from me.

Do yourself a favor and go watch the OG Spy Kids and while the first one is the clear best, go and watch the entire trilogy anyway just for fun.

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