We Have Live NFL Football This Week!!!

Ladies and gentleman we have just about made it. July is over after today and we are officially entering football season!

Training camps are underway and finally this Thursday night we have our first preseason game with the annual Hall of Fame Game in Canton Ohio.

This years game features the Cleveland Browns and the New York Jets. Two teams that are looking to rise to the top of the AFC this year. The Jets making the move to trade for Aaron Rodgers hoping he leads them back to the playoffs and the Browns hoping to see Deshaun Watson turn into an MVP candidate.

Obviously, the Hall of Fame game is never super entertaining but that’s not important. The important thing is that football is back and we are closer and closer to having our Thursday, Saturday, and Sundays filled with nonstop football.

So if you’re in a relationship or have a significant other this is your warning to get in some fun activities in these next few weekends because once football season is in full swing, please do not try and get us to leave the house on a Sunday afternoon for your little cousins 3rd birthday party. We’ve got a date for 18 straight weeks with Scott Hanson and 7 hours of commercial free football.


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