NCAA Suspensions Are A Joke

First things first I’m not saying what Jim Harbaugh did is as bad as some of the other things athletes/coaches have been suspended for but either way this suspension is a joke.

Alright, you did something wrong so we will negotiate four games you will be suspended for. It’ll be four home games against four shitty teams and only one conference game.

Michigan is a powerhouse and is coming off a playoff appearance and will be towards the top of the Big Ten again this year. Not having Harbaugh for these four games isn’t going to hurt them at all. I’d be shocked if they don’t win all four games by double digits.

So why even bother suspending him? Just fine him and move on with it because suspensions like this aren’t going to stop any violations from happening. There is so much worse stuff going on in the SEC and other conferences as well. Especially now with the NIL stuff I can only imagine how the corrupt the recruiting process is.

If I’m a college coach and I see this is the suspension why on earth would I not try to cheat to make my program better?

I’m not saying he should be suspended for a full season or anything like that the four total games is fine but don’t let him pick which games he’s suspended for thats just fucking dumb.

I know nothings going to change with the NCAA but I felt like ranting today about how dumb somethings are and this story caught my eye first.

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