WTF Was Rob Thomson Doing?!?

I know the NFL is bad with figuring out what a catch is or isn’t but I would like to think the MLB knows what they are doing.

Apparently Phillies Manager Rob Thomson does not know what a catch is because after this ball was clearly dropped he did not use his challenge.

All year I have been trying to not get on Rob too much since he did turn this team around and lead them to the World Series last year. But man this season has not been going the way we had hoped and he has made some questionable decisions to say the least.

Not challenging this with only one out and would have put Rojas in scoring position with Schwarber up is just insane. Even if the umps uphold the out call at least we wouldn’t have blamed him for deciding to review it.

Plenty of time left in the season and I fully believe the Phillies will make the playoffs but Rob Thomson needs to wake up and start managing the right way again.

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