There’s A Damn Lion On The Loose In Berlin

There’s a Big Cat on the loose in Berlin…

No not that Big Cat…

First we had Cocaine Bear and now we have a Loose Lion and I’m sure there’s someone already writing a screenplay for the movie…Actually maybe not since all the Holloywood writers are on strike.

Anyway, yea there’s a freaking Lion running loose in Germany and they had to send out an alert to stay indoors because it still hasn’t been found.

Best part is nobody knows where this Lion came from because there were no reports of a Lion escaping from the zoo and they aren’t native to Berlin. So either someones missing a pet Lion or this has been traveling for god knows how long.

All we know so far is that it was seen attacking a wild boar. Maybe he was just out for a stroll to get some dinner and has since returned home. Or maybe this Lion is out there roaming the streets of Berlin lookin to cause some Havoc.

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