Victor Wembanyama’s Entire Career Is In Jeopardy If He Does Not Publicly Apologize To Britney Spears

Admittedly I did not do much scouting for this years NBA draft, but everyone was ranting and raving that some giant lanky French 19 year old is supposed to be the player of a generation. Well, not my fucking generation.

My generation believes in the importance of a dominant big man, that defense wins championships, and most importantly we believe in our lord and savior Britney Spears, bitch.

If Victor Wembanyama thinks he’s had a journey to the NBA, he needs to go back and read a history book. You can be from France, Antarctica or Jupiter but you cannot have your security team hit Britney Spears in the face and not publicly apologize and beg for forgiveness.

It’s really not the first impression you want to have on NBA fans or the American public in general. Some people will only know Victor Wembanyama as the guy who slapped Britney Spears, whether it was his hand or Britney’s own hand. No one will remember those minute details. No other generational superstar in basketball history has publicly disrespected Britney Spears, and Victor Wembanyama be the first.

@Britney_Remixes said it best. No remorse for the assault on Britney Spears. Not only no apology, but this guy is openly laughing with reporters that he had Britney fucking Spears taken to the ground like Vontaze Burfict and then went and ate a nice steak dinner. Victor Wembanyama must hate his fans.

And who does Victor Wembanyama think he is that he needs better security than Kim Kardashian anyways? How come in the height of Beatlemania, Justin Timberlake’s ramen noodle hair, even Bieber Fever we’ve never heard of fans being slapped when calmly tapping on the shoulder and asking for a quick autograph?

This isn’t a threat or anything but cosmically, Victor Wembanyama is going to have to publicly release an apology video for Britney Spears if he wants to get a supermax contract in a few years. You can’t survive long with that type of karma on your shoulders.

Without playing in a single game, we’ve reached a crossroads in his NBA career. It’s his choice if he wants to be a first ballot hall of famer or if he wants to be the next Greg Oden.

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