In Typical Lebron Fashion He Made The Espys All About Him

On a night where Athletes from all over the sports world were honored and awards like the Jimmy V award and the Pat Tilman award were given out, in typical Lebron James fashion he made the ESPYS all about him.

Nobody thought he was retiring but of course LeBron had to make everyone speculate so that he would be the talk of the summer since he failed once again to win an NBA title.

So of course for whatever reason ESPN decided that LeBron deserved a participation trophy at the ESPYS last night. He let everyone know what we already knew, he wasn’t going to retire.

On a night where we had a guy who literally died on the football field in Damar Hamlin present the Bills staff that helped save his life an award. And when the Jimmy V award was given to Liam Hendriks for overcoming cancer most people are talking about LeBron James.

Yeah, yeah, yeah I know I’m not helping by writing this blog but I am writing it for the greater good. As an avid member of the LeBron James hater club it is my civic duty to remind you all that this guy is the worst.

He always has and always will be an attention seeking cry baby who will always live in the shadow of the greats that came before him in Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant.

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