Are We Any Closer To The McGregor/Chandler Fight?

Right now we are in the middle of the current new season of The Ultimate Fighter where Michael Chandler and Conor McGregor are the head coaches.

When it was announced we were led to believe that this would end up with the two of them facing off shortly after the season ended. Well, we are now in the middle of July and we still do not have a fight announcement for when this is happening.

People are now wondering if this fight will even end up happening since the rumor is that McGregor has not yet re-entered the USADA testing pool. That means that he isn’t eligible to return just yet until he re-enters and he is in there for a certain amount of time.

If you have been following the season of TUF we’ve seen Conor training with his team and talking about being ready for the fight. Obviously this was filmed earlier this year but we know Conor has been continuing to train and looks to be in great shape.

In episode 6 of the show Conor’s team lost again to fall to 0-6 and after the fight, Conor got into the face of Chandler and shoved him. This was the first real animosity we saw between the two of them so far in the season. It was refreshing to see some hostility between the too because it had been too nice.

On the latest episode of the show we saw Conor take out some of his aggression on one of the kids on his team as they were sparring. He hit him with pretty nasty body kick that stunned the kid and knocked him down. So, it’s safe to say Conor seems ready to go for a fight.

Unfortunately, his coaching is not going so great as on last nights episode his team once again lost and he is now 0-7. But what about this fight with Michael Chandler, are we going to see it or get some sort of announcement soon?

Michael Chandler also tweeted out something very interesting yesterday..

Could this Christmas Tree be a sign that we could be getting Chandler vs McGregor towards the end of the year?

I think it is a very real possibility as UFC 295 was just announced for November 11th with Jon Jones and Stipe Miocic headlining that event.

UFC 296 could be the next announcement we get and it could be the announcement we’ve been waiting for as the date of McGregor vs Chandler. Orrrrr maybe Chandler just really likes Christmas and is getting ready for Christmas in July. I for one hope it’s the fight announcement but as a big Christmas guy myself I would understand his excitement.

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