Walsh’s Wing Review:Tommy Want Wingy

I am finally back from vacation. I say finally because it was a nightmare getting home but that is for another blog.

We’re here for one reason and on reason only….The return of Walsh’s Wing Reviews.

That’s right people we are back in full swing trying to find the best wings this world has to offer. Going to try and do these more consistently like before and if you have recommendations send them my way.

The comeback tour starts in Austin Texas. We went to a Beer Garden that had multiple food trucks and of course I had to try the wings from a place called Tommy Want Wingy. If you don’t know that reference just ring your call button and Tommy will come back there and hit you with a tack hammer because you’re a moron and go watch Tommy Boy right now.

If you’re too lazy or just a loser, here’s the clip from one of the greatest comedies of all time.

Now, that you get the reference it’s time for the actual review…

Walsh’s Wing Rating: 9.4

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