How long until the i-95 Stream is removed?

We officially have the live stream of the I-95 rebuild and I am sure this is going to go super well and there will be no issues at all…


Streams been available for like 4 hours and we already have our first image of two guys just sitting around. Now honestly I could care less, these guys probably have been working hard and are just taking a little break understandable. It is summertime and it is rather warm out so everyone deserves a break.

But in todays world you know damn well some Karen is going to be sitting at home watching this stream 24/7 just waiting to pick these guys apart. They’re gonna call into the governors office everyday asking for updates and wanting a detail report like they’re the site manager. Probable going to send in film for people to review like Monday Morning QB.

Also, how long until one of our locals decides to be a hero and make their own appearance on the live stream? I give it until the weekend. You’re gonna see people out there with coolers, tents, and signs cheering these guys on like it’s a Birds game tailgate. We’re a different breed here in Philly and you can almost guarantee this live stream is going to provide some sort of pure Philly content.

I’ll be shocked if this live stream stays up throughout the entire duration of this project. Current odds for it to be turned off:

1 Week: +250

1 Month +120

2 Months -105

Get your bets in now before it’s too late.

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