Taylor Swift is Single Again

Sound the alarms!!!! I am officially back to blogging and what better way for me to dive back into content then with one of the biggest headlines as we head into summer…


This may come as a shock to some people who don’t know me but I’m a Swftie, not even ashamed to admit it. She’s incredible and I went to night one of the Era’s tour in Philly and when I tell you it was the best concert of my life, it was the best concert of my life.

Now, I know a lot of people want to blame Taylor for going through a bunch of men but lets be real she just hasn’t found a man worthy of her yet or who can handle how much of a spotlight that she is in.

She is currently in the middle of an incredible tour and probably doesn’t have the time to even be in a relationship and from what I was seeing people weren’t a huge fan of this Matt guy. So it’s probably for the better this relationship ended before it really went any further.

Now Taylor gets to enjoy a hot girl summer as she continues her Era’s tour. I’m not too sure of the reason the relationship ended but the rumor mill has been swirling…

This may or may not have been the picture the paparazzi took of me and TSwift out together that made Matt Jealous.

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