NFL Family Legacies: The Harbaughs

When it comes to football, certain families have made the NFL their lives. Thus, particular names are always cropping up as generation after generation make their way to the NFL sports odds. This doesn’t mean just players, but also taking on other roles such as coaching NFL teams. 

One family that has made their mark on the NFL includes the Harbaughs. In particular, people know this family for the brother’s John and Jim. They are both well-known coaches in their own right.

In this article, we will talk more about one of the most talked about NFL family legacies: The Harbaughs.

Football Origins

Jack and Jackie Harbaugh have always enjoyed football. Longtime football player and coach Jack traveled with his family across the nation during his coaching career.  

Before deciding to pursue coaching, Jack played college football for Bowling Green State. He also spent one season as a professional player in the American Football League.

Jack worked as an assistant coach for teams like Iowa, Michigan, and Stanford over his more than 40-year career. From 1989 to 2002, he served as the head coach at Western Kentucky. 

Jack had a coaching record of 117-94-3 overall.

John Harbaugh

John Harbaugh is one of the most well-known and respected coaches in the NFL. The Baltimore Ravens, who are now led by Lamar Jackson, are coached by John Harbaugh. In 2008, the Ravens hired him as their coach, and he has held the position ever since.

Harbaugh worked as the special team coach for the Philadelphia Eagles and Cincinnati Bengals before landing the Ravens’ head coach job. Having gained experience at the other teams he gladly accepted the coaching position with the Ravens.

The Ravens’ task appeared to be ideal for Harbaugh’s practical playing approach. As a result of the team’s commitment to their coach’s philosophy, they won Super Bowl XLVII. 

Jim Harbaugh

Jim is the younger brother of John Harbaugh. To begin with, Jim started as a quarterback in the NFL from 1987 to 2001. Then he turned his attention to coaching just like his brother. 

When it comes to his playing career, Jim was one of the most sought-after players upon graduating from college. Many thought he was destined to become an NFL-focused coach. However, it’s been over ten years since he lost his last NFL job.

In advance of the 2011 NFL season, Jim was chosen as the San Francisco 49ers’ head coach. There, he excelled, compiling a 44-19-1 record. Highlights of his NFL coaching career include leading San Francisco to the playoffs in each of his first three seasons as head coach. Then he faced his older brother John during the Super Bowl XLVII.

Jim was sacked by the San Francisco 49ers after a disastrous fourth season. He then turned to college football and was hired by the Michigan Wolverines right away. A team he has significantly improved over the years.

It is unknown whether Jim will come back to the NFL. Yet, there are always rumors of teams trying to hire him. You should keep an eye out on the latest NFL betting, as you will often see his name appear. 

Siblings Face Off: Super Bowl XLVII

After guiding their respective teams to the Super Bowl in 2013, the two coaches created history by becoming the first siblings to compete in the Super Bowl. The Har-Bowl, one of the more entertaining Super Bowls of the previous ten years, saw John triumph.

This was a huge moment for everyone, as it had never happened before. No one knew who would come out on top. John Harbaugh might have won, but it was a victory for the whole family. 

Joani Harbaugh

Joani Harbaugh, now known as Crean, has also had an active part in helping her brother’s career. She has been seen actively supporting both her brothers and is also a mentor for young female athletes. You can always see her on the sidelines cheering.

Who Has Had The Most Successful Career?

Both Jim and John have had successful careers in the NFL. However, John is a Super Bowl champion and is currently a coach for an NFL team. He would be considered to have a better coaching career than his brother.

Although, Jim has been an NFL player, which his brother has not. Therefore, he does beat his brother when it comes to playing careers in the NFL. 

With that being said, outside the NFL, the brothers and their father have all had extensive and successful coaching careers.

Final Thoughts

The love of football started from a young age in the Harbaugh family, thanks to their father Jack. This then led to brothers John and Jim entering the NFL as coaches for two different teams. These teams then went on to face one another in Super Bowl XLVII. 

The Harbaughs are a well-known name in the NFL, mainly due to the brother’s John and Jim. This football-loving family is known for being great coaches and leading their teams to success.

We hope this article has been interesting. Hopefully, you now have a better insight into the Harbaugh family and why they are so well-known in the NFL. 

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