If This Happened to me you’d never hear from me again

Just strolling around twitter, I have a ton of other things I probably should be doing but it’s Friday on a short week. Let e man live a little. Anyway, as I flipping through I see this video from some club I’ve never heard of before.

Not to sound dramatic BUT if this happened to me it would be borderline KMS time. The amount of embarrassment that flooded through my body just watching this video from the comfort of my own home almost made me puke. If I was involved with this I’d probably shit myself. And I’m not saying if it was just my card, even if I was just the friend of the card holder. I’d never recover.

The guy came out with a ‘Card Declined’ sign, are you kidding me? That should be a felony to emasculate some hard in public like that. And don’t think I am on these guy’s side saying what the club did was wrong. It’s not, these guys suck so bad. Just blown away by the level of creativity to turn someone’s bad day into the worst day of their life.

And speaking of these dudes (maybe children?) How does this happen? There’s no way you hand over your card thinking ‘I hope I can pay this.’ You either know for sure you can pay it or you pretend you lost your wallet.

‘I got this one guys. Oh shit, where’s my wallet? I must of dropped it outside, I’ll be right back.’ And then you never talk to those guys ever again. If they confront you at a later date, you pretend you’ve never met them before or you actually start a brand new life. You do anything in the world besides handing over a credit card that you know isn’t going to go through.

And listen, maybe this was a simple card fraud issue. Maybe it’s a situation where they are on vacation international. Who knows right? But judging by no one getting up and addressing the issue or blasting the light up sign guy in the face, you can tell that is not the case. These are broke boizzz.

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