Video Of Hasbulla Reportedly Abusing His Cat Has Surfaced

Big time, YIKES. Listen, I’m a dog guy. Always have been, always will be. We had a cat growing up and she was a dick. Always scratching, biting and acting like a crazy person. Also they (my grand parents) let me name the cat and for some reason I said Lenny. I assume for Lenny Dykstra as I was a big Phillies fan, which now that I’m typing it out, how the cat acted was pretty much spot on with the name choice. Anyway, Hasbulla apparently has a cat and in this video, allegedly pulls its ear nearly off its head and punches it in the face.

But even as a dog person I know the first rule of the internet, don’t fuck with cats. We’ve all seen the doc, cat people will hunt you down. Not to mention the tale tell sign of a future murderer is harming small animals like cats and dogs. So I’m not saying Hasbulla is going to murder someone in the future, I’m just saying don’t be like ‘oh my god, we never saw this coming.’

And if you’re thinking maybe he’s just a dog guy and cats freak him out. Nope, he clearly has an issue with them as well.

This might not be the right time for ‘I told you so’s.’ But, I told you so. I have been out on Hasbulla from jump street. When he was the hot thing in the streets and everyone was creaming their pants at his videos, one man saw through it all. That man is I.

Look at that, two years ago I had seen enough and blocked him. I have like 4 total people blocked and Hasbulla made the cut. The main reason I’ve always been a big anti Hasbulla guy is because he just seems like kind of a dick. Not much more you need to know. Comes off as one of those guys that still ball taps his friends post his 30th birthday. Or is always trying to sneak laxative in everyone’s drink when they’re not looking. Just an unpleasant vibe any time those guys are around.

Now what we need to address here is Walsh. Judging by his response to my tweet he clearly not only condones but is a fan of Hasbulla’s behavior. So let’s ask the question on everyone’s minds:

Why does Walsh support violence towards small helpless animals such as kittens?

Not saying anything, just sayin.

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