Irina from Love is Blind Is the worst person in reality tv history

It’s heavy title for one person to carry. In the years of reality tv we’ve seen a ton of crazy people/bad apples/total dick bags. But Irina from this season of Love Is Blind takes the cake and it’s not relativity close.

If you haven’t watched Love Is Blind this season so far, stop whatever it is you’re doing. There is no March Madness on tonight, open up Netflix and you are welcome. Because from the jump, this chick is off her fucking rocker.

She opens up by calling herself a bombshell. A BOMBSHELL. First off, haven’t heard that term since late 90’s/early 2000’s. And it was used for women like Pam Anderson not chicks that look like Beans from Even Stevens.

A BOMBSHELL she said! Fine she’s not attractive at all, that’s ok. There are plenty of ugly people in the world that we all love like Steve Buscemi. But if you’re going on a dating show you can’t look like an actual ass crack and have an even uglier personality, so she must be America’s next sweetheart right?

Not even close. She is more like America’s dirty skid mark. She is an awful person. The entire time she is in the pods all she does is sneak around the house, shit talk every other girl with her bestie Micah and giggle in the face of every girl crying. ‘Oh you’re heart broken because someone you said you loved just dumped you? Tee hee hee I like totally can’t even right now!’

Get fucked bro.

But somehow through all of it she tricks some innocent young fella, Zack, into proposing to her. Now listen, Zack is no Cahnning Tatum, I think we can all admit that. But he is also just a normal looking dude. I mean look at the guy, nothing wrong with him, basic property brother looking ass.

So Zack and Irina get engaged, he sings her the worst song you’ve ever heard in your life. And thankfully for him, because she has been so awful, people have already forgotten all about his song but in case you are looking for a good headache, have at it.

So they go on a honeymoon yada yada and immediately she starts talking shit on him to the other girls about how he isn’t attractive and refuses to kiss him. Barely even lets him touch her. And he’s being a gentleman about the whole thing, giving her space to feel comfortable until she ready, even saying she looks like Megan Fox. Yeah, that Megan Fox.

And then that friend of her’s, Micah, who is marrying this dude Paul, they all meet at a pool party and Irina all of a sudden loves some physical contact. Can’t get enough of it from Paul and just openly flirting with him right in poor Zack’s face. Leaving him looking heartbroken and dumb.

So to recap so far, she thinks she’s hot and she is a hard 2, grave dancing on other girls while they’re crying, flirting with her best friend’s fiance, call’s her’s ugly and refuses any contact with him.

But to top it all off, after putting Zack through hell. He decides to confront her and call the whole thing off, like a responsible adult. How does she take it? Doubles down and just tells him to his face again how much she hated everything about him and how much she really likes Paul.

What a massive bitch. I hate her with every fiber of my body, caught myself saying out load ‘this girl is AWFUL!’ And honestly I’m so thankful for her. As much as I can’t stand her, god she makes this show a must see. I can only pray that the producers let her hang around and try to play home-wrecker to Micah and Paul.

PS: I know reality isn’t my lane, that’s Ali’s but I miss writing.

PSS: I found this tweet funny.

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