BREAKING NEWS: Nuggets Fans Are complete and utter Dorks

Alright, so it’s not breaking. Sorry for the clickbait-ish headline. But just look at these total shit sippers below. (I don’t know the rules for making fun of high schoolers, I assume it’s ok if BR posted a picture of them.)

“OMG Tanner and Bryce, you totes magoats got him soooo good, Sweet burn bbrrraaahhhh!”

First off, you didn’t even spell the true MVP’s name right. You guys can make up nonsensical formulas to try and make people think that Jokic is a better basketball player but you can’t spell Embiid correctly? Also what is a ‘first team all star?’ Never heard of it but it sounds like something only someone that doesn’t know ball would use as a measuring stick.

Embiid is resting, for something we like to call the playoffs. In the playoffs there are multiple rounds and whatever team is left at the end is crowned the NBA champions. They get this award named the Larr…………you know what. Not worth getting into seeing as Denver is heading for a second exit. I can hear it now, ‘but the Sixers haven’t been out of the second round since blah blah blah and well the Nuggets are the 1 seed and Philly is the 3rd.’

Cool man. Nuggets are the 1 seed in the worst West conference since the ABA merger. The conference is a joke and I was being polite about he second round exit thing. Lakers are going to emasculate Jokic and send them home in the first.

But anyway, fuck Denver, fuck Nuggets fans, fuck any stat that has six plus letters in it. The only stat I need is PPG and the eyeball test. No body scores more points per game than Embiid and no one. And I mean NO ONE, can guard that man.

So enjoy your little regular season game tonight and celebrate Embiid not playing. Congrats!!!! And I’d say see us in the Finals but lets be real, Denver will not be there.

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