Biz Vs The NHL Mascots Rivalry Needs To Be Settled

Paul “Miss The Net” Bissonnette was once again terrorized by a mascot as him and the boys attended the Devils game last night. This came only a week after he was belted with cake from Flyers mascot Gritty.

This Biz vs the Mascots rivalry is getting out of hand and there is only on solution to settle it…A Royal Rumble type match at Rough N Rowdy.

Biz has to start at #1 and go through as many mascots as he can until he is either eliminated or eliminates them all. Now, every NHL team has a mascot except for the New York Rangers.

So to make things more interesting to fill that spot we allow Biz to pick one other Barstool personality to join him in the rumble at any given time. Biz would be allowed to pick the person and when they enter as long as it is not the #2 spot.

Now, it’ll be up to the person that Biz picks if they want to help him eliminate the mascots or if they want to help the mascots eliminate Biz so he better choose wisely.

I’m an ideas guy so figured I’d throw this out there, if it ends up happening I don’t want the credit I just want to be in attendance.

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