The Spittin’ Chiclets Boys Had A Night In Philly

Last night the gang from Barstool sports Spittin’ Chiclets podcast were down at the Wells Fargo Center promoting their Big Deal Brewing and the boys had themselves a night!

Paul Bissonnette, Mike Grinnell, and RA were in attendance and they made their presence known.

The boys took some pictures, signed some babies and of course downed some Big Deal Brews.

But they didn’t stop there…A rivalry that only seems to be escalating took another turn.

Gritty absolutely dummies Biz and RA with cake welcoming the boys to Philly the only way he knows how.

I think it’s safe to say after Biz takes on Reavo in rough N Rowdy, Gritty might be next in line.

Also during the trip it seems like we might be getting an interview a lot of us have been waiting for…

CAHTAH HAHT appears to be coming up on a future episode of the podcast. I know I for one am really looking forward to it.

Seems like the boys had a great time and we would love for them to come back to Philly and do it again. Hopefully the Flyers will be a much more competitive team next time.

Also if you guys are looking for someone to join team, I am available and am willing to consume as many Big Deal Brews as I have to.

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