The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, NHL Reverse Retro Jerseys

Today all the NHL teams dropped their new reverse retro jerseys for the season. As with a lot of things there are some good, some bad, and some ugly. So what better way to take a look at some of them then by going through the good, the bad, and the ugly.

I promise I won’t let my bias against some teams show itself during this and will judge each jersey equally.

So let’s start with the good…

Washington Capitals

The Capitals got this one very right by bringing back the screaming Eagle and the old colors. I love the black jersey too I think a new version of the old white ones would have been better but these are still pretty sick.

New York Rangers

Lady Liberty is back and the Rangers are going to look CLEAN wearing these bad boys. It’s so simple yet so perfect and I think it might be my favorite out of all of them.

Edmonton Oilers

Another absolute beauty here as the Oilers bring back this classic. They went the same route as the Rangers as they kept it clean and simple and boy do these look sick. McDavid might end up scoring 8 goals in a game wearing these.

Minnesota Wild

A perfect blend of new and old school as they combine the current logo with the old North Stars colors. The Wild couldn’t have gotten this any more perfect as this jersey is going to look fantastic.

Now on to the bad….

Columbus Blue Jackets

I feel like there was just so much more potential for the Blue Jackets here and these just aren’t it. I’m not a fan of the black and blue for them I don’t know what it is I just don’t like it. So they fall under the bad category for me, sorry Columbus.

Detroit Red Wings

I’m sorry but no. These jerseys should be white not red. White Jersey, Red Lines, Black Lettering. It was that simple and you messed it up. For such an historic franchise this is the reverse retro? This is bad.

Buffalo Sabres

UGH, I was so excited for these. Like not even kidding, I’m not a Sabres fan but man I was really hoping to see the black, red, and white version with the old logo again. I actually don’t hate these but they are going into my bad section just because of the colors and because my hopes were extremely high for these.

And finally it’s time to get to the ugly ones and boy there are quite a few…

Florida Panthers

The Panthers clearly don’t know what perfection looks like because this is not it at all. I don’t love the color scheme at all and the logo looks like a create a team logo from the NHL game. These are just flat out ugly.

Montreal Canadiens

Nope, don’t like it not one bit. These flat out stink. Very ugly. Baby/powder blue and a darker blue then just the logo thrown on top?!? I get keeping it simple but these could have looked so much better.

St. Louis Blues

Yea maybe we should’ve left these ones in 1966. Way too bright of a yellow and too much going on. The teams that got it right are the ones that didn’t try to do too much and the Blues tried to do too much. U-G-L-Y you aint got no alibi you ugly yeah yeah you ugly.

Alright I’m done now, overall I think there are more good ones then there are bad ones when it comes to the new Reverse Retro jerseys. I’m interested to see some of these in action and maybe they will look better on the ice but only time will tell.

What are your favorite Reverse Retro jerseys? Let us know in the comments.

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