They’re Coming!! Blink 182 Is So Back

Tom is back, they’re going on tour and were getting a new album. I am going to lose my mind and all my money. I have waited so long for this to happen and I am not going to miss my chance to see these three live. I made that mistake years ago and I am not letting it happen again.

Yesterday, the group officially announced that Tom Delonge, Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker are reuniting. Since 2015 the band was made up of Mark Hoppus, Travis Barker, and Matt Skiba. But now the OGs are back together and hopefully better than ever. Thanks Matt but your time is up and we will no longer be needing you.

On top of Tom coming back they also announced a worldwide tour with a shit ton of dates. So no matter where you live you can get the chance to see this epic reunion go down. Annnnnnndddddd, were also getting a new album which I can only hope will be an old time Blink album. They are releasing the single Edging on Friday.

I don’t get excited about many things when it comes to music but holy shit I a fucking pumped up for this. I went on Ticketmaster this morning for the presale tickets and was confused when I didn’t see the Atlantic City date listed. So I did some digging…

First, we have the When We Were Young Festival which is basically the new version of Warped Tour. Headlined by Blink and a bunch of pop punk bands. But that didn’t answer my question as to why I couldn’t find the AC Date of 5/28 listed to get tickets.

Then I stumbled upon this…

It looks like this Adjacent festival is going to be where Blink is playing on that date as it could be shaping up to be the East Coast counter to the Vegas When We Were Young festival.

So while I was hoping to see Blink in AC I think I might try for either the Hersey show or the Washington DC show because I would rather see them as they’re own show and not part of a festival.

However, its pretty sweet that we are getting two big pop punk festivals in 2023 and the emo kid that has never died in me also wants to go to both of them.

Either way I couldn’t be more excited to have Blink 182 back and we are even going to get a little taste of Blink tonight during the Avalanche game…

If you need me I’ll be listening to every album on repeat for the rest of time like I already have been. Also may have to add another piece of Blink onto my pop punk sleeve I’m working on..

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