Gritty Got His Ass Beat Last Night

As if things weren’t already bad enough for the Philadelphia Flyers, their season hasn’t even started yet and they are already taking L’s.

Last night the WWE held their Extreme Rules PPV inside the Wells Fargo Center. Of course Gritty had to make his presence known as the event was taking place in his house.

Gritty tried making friends with WWE superstar The Miz by offering him one of his new shirts…The Miz was not interested.

Gritty would try again later to get on the Miz good side and this time he really paid the price…

The Miz absolutely buries Gritty here as the mascot showed about as much fight as the Flyers organization has showed over the last few years. Safe to say this is only the first of many losses the Flyers are going to take this year.

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