The New Kraken Mascot is Something

If you thought Gritty was an interesting sight to see when he first came about get a look at the new Seattle Kraken Mascot.


So it’s name is Buoy the troll and he looks like he could be a sibling of Gritty. The hair is disheveled and it’s missing teeth. I’ll give Seattle credit it’s not as creepy as Gritty was at first but its still a weird choice for a mascot.

I just don’t get the point of a troll being the mascot for a team who’s name is the Kraken. Also, very cool of them to let kids decide the mascot…you know what I have to say about that.


I just don’t understand how you don’t have a Kraken as your mascot. Like what are we doing here Seattle?

Buoy didn’t receive as much negative attention that Gritty did but people were definitely roasting them for this horrible choice.

Like I get they didn’t want to copy off of Detroit cause they have the squid but like come on your name is literally the Kraken.


Literally all they had to do was something like this image above in mascot form and it would’ve been perfect. But nope people always have to try and do something way different instead of going the simple way.

Also, I can’t wait for Gritty to get his hands on this clown and ruin him. Gritty isn’t going to let some new mascot come into the league and take his spotlight.

Gritty set the new standard and now teams are going try to replicate his success and while Seattle tried they failed miserably. But welcome to the league I guess Buoy.

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