Trevor Zegras Gets Crushed

I think this is the opposite of a Chiclets bump…After appearing on Spittin Chiclets the other day, Anaheim Ducks young stud Trevor Zegras got his bell rung on Wednesday night.

Arizona Coyotes forward, Jan Jenik buried him in last nights preseason game. The hit ended the night early for Zegras as he was probably being evaluated for a concussion.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with the hit as it’s just a clean hockey hit that unfortunately hurt Zegras. I’ve seen some people saying there’s no need for this kind of hit in the preseason and blah blah blah.

Shut up and stop being little bitches, this is the exact kind of play that can earn a player a roster spot. Obviously we all hope Zegras is okay and doesn’t miss time but for Jenik, this is a hit that could get him some time with the NHL club.

Guys are fighting for roster spots on every team and sometimes the difference can be a hit like this or even a fight. Especially on a young team like Arizona I’d gladly take a guy like this who’s gonna go out there and throw his weight around. He’s going to bring energy and excitement to a young team.

As of this post there hasn’t been any update on Zegras but we’re hoping to hear something soon. The Ducks might play it safe and hold him out until the regular season.

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