Makeup Company Is Pushing The She-Hulk Eyeshadow Palette Way Too Hard

Traditional advertising hasn’t worked on the general public in 20 years. Brands have evolved to find more creative ways to get people to buy their products. Today it has officially gone too far.

Every 3 tweets I scroll I am served this ad trying to sell me the Urban Decay UD x Marvel Studios’ She-Hulk eyeshadow palette. Although the colors and overall aesthetic are quite pretty, I’m not going to buy this collection. Please stop showing me ads for it.

It’s not the fact that it says SHE/HULK in massive font on the front of the packaging, I just can’t imagine a situation in life I will need that much blue, green, or purple eyeshadow. The goal when getting a new eyeshadow palette is that at least 85% of the colors are usable on a daily basis. Otherwise it’s just not worth the $45 investment. That’s a lot of money for 5 frequently used shades. It’s 2022 and I am 34 years old. The time has passed for me to be wearing blue eyeshadow.

I don’t think women in law are clamoring for more representation in the makeup palette business either. They already have Kim Kardashian.

The problem is this ad is haunting me. At every corner, I’m being confronted with the She-Hulk eyeshadow palette. Not everything needs its own eyeshadow palette guys. Urban Decay could have easily laid low, came out with the Naked vol. 28 collection and cashed the check. Replay the hits. They did not need to say yes to a She-Hulk eyeshadow palette. And I am not in the target market for this niche collaboration.

This is not a trend setter in the beauty industry, and honestly seems like a distraction in the courtroom as well.


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SRT News Admin
September 7, 2022 3:23 pm

Informative post 😊