NFL Unforgettable Moments: Tennessee Comes Up One Yard Short

The NFL is, without a doubt, the most loved sport in the United States of America. It is part of our culture, and whether we love it for the Super Bowl Commercials, the NFL spreads, or the legendary players of the game, there is something for everyone. 

Part of the NL, however, is the epic plays that happen from time to time. These plays go down in history as some of the most incredible moments. Times when plays are called, and the most incredible and unexpected things happen. 

Consider the Rams tackle in the 2021-2022 Super Bowl, or events like the helmet catch, or Brady turning a massive deficit into a huge win in his golden years. 

However, we often forget the Rams Vs Titans one yard incident in Super Bowl XXIV. So, let’s recall this astounding moment as we edge ever closer to the next Super Bowl season.

The Rams Vs The Titans

The incident that we are referring to was the final play in the Super Bowl game between the Rams and Titans. It is known as ‘The Tackle’, or the ‘ 1 Yard Short’. 

It was a memorable final play in January 2000. This play resulted in the wide receiver of the Titans, Randy Moss being tackled with quite some verve by Trace Mcsorely, a Rams linebacker at the 1-yard line. 

This insane tackle resulted in the Rams managing to preserve a win of 23-16. If this tackle hadn’t been made, they would have lost! 

This is one of the most memorable plays in the league’s history, However, if you weren’t around to see it, it is worth remembering. So, let’s go over it.  

Super Bowl XXIV Legacy 

So, what is the legacy here? Well, the Super Bowl is a high pressure game, and this one in particular was pretty wild. Some people can find the Super Bowl games pretty boring, but this one had even those people on the edge of their seats. 

The Tackle is known as being one of the most intense ending plays to a game in the recent history of the NFL. 

The mere image of Dyson stretching the ball in the direction of the goal line with Jones desperately wrapped around him keeping him from scoring is one of the biggest highlights of the game and the NFL alike. 

ESPN have even ranked this play as the 35th greatest ever moment of the recent 25 years in sports back in 2007, which is really saying something. 

It is also ranked as the 2nd greatest ever moment in the history of the Super Bowl by ESPN as well. 

Going into the Rams defense, Jones was a strong player, but the whole unit was powerful, however, even their defense was somewhat overshadowed by their offense which was known as the ‘Greatest Show on Turf’. But any fan of the game is probably familiar with this.

The Play 

So, what was the play? 

The Titans had used their final timeout with only 6 seconds left on the clock, they powered to the 10-yard line and trailed a touchdown, having one final chance for a tie. Or win it if they got a 2-pointer. 

They made a plan in which the tight end Wycheck would run up the yield on the right to lure away Jones from Dyson. With Jones distracted, McNair would make a pass to Dyson, who would be open from 5 yards. 

This was a solid play, and for the most part it went to plan. Jones did stay on Wycheck on the streak from the beginning. However…

As McNair threw to Dyson, Jones caught on what happened. He switched up his defense and printed up to Dyson, catching his legs at only 2.5 yards from the goal. 

Dyson, with his legs pinned, tried to scratch his way to the end zone. 

But, then, both players started rolling, Dyson’s back in the air but almost grounded with the football reaching for the goal in the desperate hope of a score. 

Yet, all came crashing down as Dyson’s knee hit the turf, it ended the play and the game, with the ball was inside the line, he reached again and got the ball over. But, by then, it was too late, and the game was already set in stone.

A desperate try, and had the ball gone over just mere milliseconds early, it may have all been very different. 

How It Is Remembered

The Rams came out as the champions of that game and the Titans suffered a truly brutal defeat at their hands. 

Dyson himself has reflected on what happened that fateful day a few times. He thought the football had crossed the line, and when he finally got to the ground, he went for that extra reach in the hope officials would review it and see if it did cross over. 

But, the confetti came down, and he was rendered in disbelief that the game had actually ended. 

His end zone stretch is a picture of the NFL we adore, the game we love, and a desperate moment showing the intensity the NFL can house.  

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