Guy Breaks Every Bone In His Chest Throwing A Football

I’d say one of the top 5 greatest feelings on these internet streets, is when you find a video and know you’re early to something that’ll be viral soon. That is exactly what we have happening here. I saw this video on Tik Tok scrolling and it’s only a matter of time until it’s on the Barstool main account. This guy is outside with his little brother, enjoying an extended holiday weekend and tossing some pigskin.

Just a good ole fashion ‘Murica moment. That is until Benny here tried to relive the glory days with a play action 7 step drop that ends in complete disaster.


No more catch with James, I break too many ribs. #fyp #foryoupage #ribs #foryou #football #hurting

♬ Oh No – Kreepa

Annnnnnnnnd he’s dead. That sounded and looked like that old video game skate. Player would take a nasty fall and they’d show you every broken bone.

All we needed was an x-ray of Ben’s chest when it smashed into the ground and shattered into a billion pieces.

Much respect to the dude for not only popping right back and saying he’s fine, he was 1000000% not fine. But then he doubles down talking shit in the comments about the kid.

Ben, you were nearly broken in half by gravity and a 3 and a half foot fall. not a single person that watched that video even looked at where the ball went. We all gasped and followed that up with some heavy belly laughing. None of us could see the rest of the play through our tears even if we wanted to. Love you trying to spin zone this moments after putting yourself in a literal spin cycle.

Hopefully the kid running the route got his athletic genes from the other parent. Because brother shark here definitely got the short end of that stick.

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