Brandon Dubinsky hates John tortorella oh, and he has a burner

Brandon Dubinsky picked the wrong time to come at me now that I’m back on my blogging ish. So for those of you that don’t know at this point, the Philadelphia Flyers hired John Tortorella as their new head coach. I wrote about the hiring for Life of A Philly fan and you can check that out here.

There were obviously mixed reactions to the hiring ad Torts has been known to ruffle some feathers. One person took to social media to let the world know his thoughts.

Former NHL’er Brandon Dubinsky shared his thoughts on the Flyers hiring of Tortorella. First and foremost, before I continue with this blog I want it to be known that I actually like Dubinsky and respect everything he has done in his career. There were plenty of times where I was hoping the Flyers would go out and try and trade for him his style of play just screamed Flyers hockey.

As a Flyers fan I didn’t really like him tweeting out what he tweeted because he simply has a personal beef with Torts. So as any normal person would, I responded on behalf of the fan base.

I thought this was a fair response considering the fact that Dubi has literally no NHL awards to his credit.

Anyway…For whatever reason Dubi decided to respond to my tweet of all people and here’s what he had to say…

I mean thanks for the compliment? Like this is literally one of the best pictures you’ll ever see of me. Thanks for sharing it with your 84k followers on Twitter because the amount of DMs from random chicks I’ve gotten since he tweeted this have been off the charts.

Of course you had your weirdos responding sticking up for Dubi including one account that said my picture screamed that I loved craft beer. I didn’t t know that was a bad thing?

I took care of this clown pretty easily but then something interesting happened…

Out of all the responses the original tweet got, Brandon Dubinsky only replied to one of them. Weird right? Seems like we may have come across a certain former NHL players burner account….

Safe to say we have found Dubi’s burner account as it has zero followers and only follows 47 people one of them being Dubinsky himself. Here’s the account and a look at some of the likes of the account so you can form your own opinion as to why a former NHL player would have a burner to begin with…

Anyway…I hope you all enjoyed this as much as I have. Who would’ve thought little old me would’ve been able to get under the skin of a former NHL player.

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