NBA Parents Wife Swap: Steph Curry’s Dad Is Now Dating The Ex Wife Of His Ex Wife’s New Boyfriend?

Move over Kardashians, there’s a new NBA family at the center of TMZ’s Sports section.

For anyone outside of Boston and San Francisco, the storylines of the NBA Finals have been rather mid. We’ve listened to Draymond complain, Klay Thompson advocate for the innocence of the children attending NBA Finals games at 11pm on a school night, but other than that there has been no juice, unless you’re talking about Jaylen Brown.

That is, until game 4 of the NBA finals concluded. Steph Curry is the best player on the court, but off the court we all should have seen this coming.

The Curry family is firmly intertwined in the current DNA of the NBA. I’ve already broken down the tangled web here. It involves Steph Curry, his brother Seth Curry, their sister Sydell, Paul George, Austin Rivers, Doc Rivers, and at its core, Steph’s parents Dell and Sonya Curry.

For years these two were the hottest NBA parents in the stands of every NBA Finals.

But much like the Warriors 3-1 lead over the Cavs, the Curry family has crumbled, and the latest revelation during game 4 of this years finals may be the craziest of all.

Last summer, Steph’s dad Dell alleged that now estranged wife Sonya was cheating on him with former Patriots TE Steven Johnson and that he should not have to pay any alimony because of this extra marital affair. Sonya has maintained her relationship was official, but did not begin within the confines of her marriage to Dell.

So last night when the broadcast innocently cut to Dell Curry boo’d up with a new lady, Twitter investigators uncovered a new mystery that is undoubtedly more interesting than anything going on in the actual NBA Finals.

Initial reactions to this image, sent as a straightforward report on Dell Curry’s presence, were judging the downgrade from a bad bitch like Sonya Curry, so this generic looking white woman.

As it turns out, this was not just a regular generic looking white woman. This generic looking white woman appears to be this woman.

And the man pictured here next to her in a professional family photo? That’s right, former Patriots TE and current boyfriend of Dell Curry’s ex wife Sonya Curry.

Both Dell and Sonya were in attendance on Friday night in Boston, as were the former happy couple Steve Johnson and Mrs. Johnson, not to mention Steph Curry was there himself.

Thank god the NBA plays on Christmas because this has to blow the Rodgers family holiday celebration out of the water. Steph is seen here giving the ol fist bump to Sonya’s new bf, so presumably they’ve come to terms with this. Not sure if Dell took the ex of his ex wife’s new bf as a one time diabolical petty move, some horny old people swingers shit, or if that is a budding romance but you have to love the olds officially getting involved in NBA drama. We absolutely need and deserve Charles Barkley’s opinion on the matter.

Steph really has got to be extra sick of his family. He’s putting the entire Warriors team on his back to single handedly tie up the NBA Finals 2-2 and all that anyone is talking about the next day is who his parents used to be and are currently fucking.


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