Have We Considered That There Is No Kardashian Curse And That Maybe These Guys Just Kinda Suck Sometimes?

It’s a bold assertion here to even posture that perhaps the tale of the ‘Kardashian/Jenner’ curse may be a ruse. What else could possibly explain the moderate failure of professional athletes and musicians besides the greatest reality TV family of all time?

I feel like we are, as a group, neglecting to consider the possibility that maybe these men aren’t all that great to begin with? Like this is the group of men we’re talking about: Kanye West, Scott Disick, Kris Humphries, Bruce Jenner, Blake Griffin, Tristan Thompson, Ben Simmons, and Devin Booker? I’m not putting Lamar Odom in that group because that’s on crack cocaine, not the Kardashians.

The conversation should really be: are men a curse to the Kardashian/Jenners? It’s not exactly like we’re talking Pulitzer Prize winners or Rhodes scholars. You want to suggest that the Kardashian/Jenner women pick the worst possible men as romantic partners, sure, but blaming anyone other than Ben Simmons for being a gigantic wet dirty diaper feels anti-feminist.

Devin Booker wasn’t winning titles before Kendall either, in high school, college, or the NBA. In fact, the only thing he’s actually won was an Olympic gold medal the summer after he first started dating Kendall.

Reggie Bush won a Super Bowl with Kim. Kris Humphries has $35 million dollars. God literally single handedly saved Lamar Odom. Kanye West is clinically insane. Tristan Thompson is a bad person!! I’m not sure who is ‘cursed’ in this situation, but it’s none of the men that have ever dated a Kardashian/Jenner.

So Devin Booker had a bad night on the worst possible night to have a bad night. Despite the fact that he’s the one that finished 4th in MVP voting, the entire storyline the next morning was Chris Paul’s murder by Pat Beverly. You think Kris Jenner’s PR team didn’t have a little something to do with that? Feels like it’s more of a Kardashian blessing than a curse.


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