Former Bengal Current Jet CJ Uzomah Is Not Dating Kay Adams, But He Probably Should Be

The personal and romantic lives of athletes shouldn’t interest anyone as much as it does. However when it involves America’s sweetheart Kay Adams, the people need answers.

I don’t think there’s been a more universally revered woman in the eyes of straight white men since Topanga, the Pink Power ranger maybe. Turns out all it takes for them to respect women in sports is being extremely hot and down to earth.

In case you need to get up to speed on the dating history of Kay Adams, I know nothing other than she literally pre-dates Olivia Culpo with Danny Amendola back when the St. Louis Rams existed.

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That was the extent of it until former Bengals, now Jets TE CJ Uzomah, responded to the vicious and harmful allegations everyone was definitely discussing: that is he dating the aforementioned perfect Kay Adams.

Very smart strategy by CJ, to alert his 65.6K Twitter followers, that a likely innocent joke mentioned on a podcast of a guy with 3.3K Twitter followers is absolutely not true. In fact I didn’t think there was a possibility CJ Uzomah and Kay Adams were dating until he made this statement that they aren’t dating. Now I totally think they’re dating?

You know it’s bad for the Jets when people can’t even fathom a reason why someone would believe that going from the Bengals to the Jets was in the best interest of your playing career. He must want to go to New York to be closer to Kay Adams, there’s no other explanation. I’m shocked I didn’t think of it sooner.

I don’t care if CJ does or does not have an actual girlfriend, because when Kay slides into your replies with a move this smooth you immediately sign with the Jets, Giants, Bills, or Eagles if that’s all that’s left.


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