The 2022 LCS Lock In Starts Today, Is It Worth Watching?

I know everyone has missed my esport blogs but in 2022 they are back. I used to do a weekly blog in 2019 and some of 2020 about who to bet on in each game and I was pretty good at it but eventually I stopped enjoying the game. Hopefully, this is a bounce back season for us!

Okay, so what the hell is a Lock In tournament? It is a tournament that the NA teams compete in before the start of their Spring split.

I kind of like the idea. From what I can gather this is essentially a preseason. It sounds like we’re mostly going to see mostly Academy players in this tournament so in my head it’s about as equivalent to Summer League in the NBA.

As I’m getting ready to watch these games today I was doing some research just as a bit of a refresher and apparently the LCS changed their Spring split rules? Spring Split only matters for MSI and Summer will be what solely determines LCS Playoffs and essentially Worlds. Someone let me know if I got that wrong but I don’t think I do. I actually think it’s an okay idea, the issue that I’m seeing people have with it is that now Spring Split is going to matter less than it already did, which if I remember correctly Spring was always significantly less important than Summer. It sounds like teams are going to use Spring as an extended preseason for the Summer Split. Hopefully, teams and players will take Spring serious.

My solution is just remove the splits. Spring and Summer are combined into one regular season with MSI in the middle of it. You don’t even need to change the rules for how to make it to MSI. If you make it all one season instead of two splits, in theory, teams will be forced to take Spring serious because if you don’t take it serious you’re going to fuck yourself when Playoffs come around.

I could also be completely wrong and maybe Spring is a waste of time and it always will be I’m not sure but it sounds like no one is.

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